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Expand your SaaS business internationally:
Django Paddle Subscriptions makes it easy

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Expanding your SaaS (Software as a Service) business into global markets can be a tricky endeavor

The rules for VAT (Value Added Tax) and sales tax are varied from country to country. For instance, in the EU, taxes are based on where the customer is, not where your business is located. This means you might need to register for taxes in many different places. Similarly, in the US, each state has its own sales tax rules, which can be tough to navigate alone.

Also, buying power varies greatly between different countries around the world. In wealthier countries like the United States and Western Europe, people generally have more money to spend due to higher incomes and stronger currencies. However, in less developed countries across Africa, Asia, and parts of Latin America, buying power tends to be lower because people earn less money and the cost of living is often higher relative to their incomes.

But Paddle and this Django app gets you covered

Partnering with a reseller like Paddle can be a strategic move to navigate complex tax regulations and streamline operations. Resellers like Paddle act as intermediaries, handling payments, tax compliance, currency conversions, and localized pricing for their partners, freeing up SaaS companies to focus on their core product offerings.

Django Paddle Subscriptions is a Django app for SaaS projects implementing free and paid subscriptions using Paddle Billing API. It saves you at least a month of work on implementation. And it is pretty flexible and configurable to meet your business needs.

Django Paddle Subscriptions saves your time and lets you make money

This app is using the new Paddle Billing API to let your users subscribe to paid plans before or after signups.

Each subscription plan allows you to have monthly and yearly billing. You can also use the same Paddle account for multiple SaaS businesses with Django Paddle Subscriptions.

It comes with a nice-looking UI based on TailwindCSS but you can overwrite it and customize according to your needs.

As a developer, you can save at least one month of your in-house solution's development.

Wanna see some code?

Here is the documentation.

We are users as well as developers of our own product

We are interested ourselves to provide the best quality for this app, because it is used in production for the websites we develop and nurture:

Here is what to expect from Django Paddle Subscriptions

  • Saves at least a month of development work.
  • Highly flexible and configurable.
  • Can be used for as many Django-based SaaS projects as necessary.
  • The frontend is styled with TailwindCSS for quick start, but you can overwrite the templates and introduce your custom styling.
  • Comes with handy management commands to fetch Paddle data and set up the environment.
  • Allows using the same Paddle account for multiple Django-based SaaS projects.
  • Developed with internationalization in mind.
  • Compatible with Content-Security-Policy via Django-CSP.
  • MIT license applied.
  • Designed and implemented by the author of "Web development with Django Cookbook."

Any questions, bug reports, or feature requests? Please send them to

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Supported modern browsers
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge
Supported Django versions
4.2, 5.0
Supported Python versions
3.10, 3.11, 3.12
Default styling with TailwindCSS
Localized pricing widget
Offered free and paid plans
Subscriptions before or after signup
Monthly and yearly pricing
List of paid invoices
Pausing and cancelling subscriptions
Copy of Paddle data in your database
1 Paddle account for multiple SaaS
Infrastructure for upsells
Latest package version

Django Paddle Subscriptions

0 ratings
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